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Reclaim Concentrate by Soil Diva

Reclaim Concentrate by Soil Diva

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How it Works

Reclaim by Soil Diva is a unique product that can deal with herbicide residual in the soil. It helps farmers and gardeners that have noticed an herbicide residual problem on their plants. Imagine a home owner spraying a broad leaf herbicide on their yard….then cutting their grass and putting those clippings on their flower beds and gardens….and soon starting to have sick looking plants….curled twisted leaves, burnt edges on the leafs, stunted plants, dying plants….Reclaim can usually help, but depends on how long they have been sick to how soon Reclaim can be applied in some cases multiple applications are needed.

Herbicide residual can come in many forms

  • Self-inflicted
  • Drift
  • Compost
  • Old manure
  • Others soil brought in