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Espoma Orchid Mix

Espoma Orchid Mix

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All-natural premium soil mix for Orchids

  • Improves drainage & aeration.
  • For orchids & other epiphytes.

Orchids generally need to be re-potted once a year. It’s time to re-pot when you see: yellow foliage, lack of growth or blues, dead or damage roots, or the plant starts growing over the edge of the pot. The best time to re-pot is just after flowering, or when new growth appears.


For best results, pre-soak Espoma Organic Orchid Mix for 24 hours and allow to drain.

Remove orchid from current container.

Remove dead roots and trim active routes to 6 inches in length.

Fill container to one third full with orchid mix.

Position single stem plants in the center of the new pot. Position multi-stem plants against the pot wall. Staking may be required until the plants are fully established.

Add more mix to gently cover roots and fill pot to 1/2 inch below rim.

Water thoroughly. If setting occurs, add more mix.