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Brass Growhouse

Brass Growhouse

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This greenhouse plus grow light that makes sustaining a year-round garden inside of your home not only doable, but beautiful. Features 2 full spectrum LEDs that support healthy vegetative growth and flowering while connecting to the Modern Sprout app for easy and customized programming. Stylish and multi-functional, the smart Growhouse is perfect for an endless variety of kitchen herbs and leafy greens (including basil, mint, rosemary, parsley, arugula, watercress and many more) plus cacti, succulents and houseplants.


Built-In Grow Light: Our 92 CRI rated full-spectrum LEDs produce a museum-quality lighting, meaning the color perceived by the human eye is true to the plant and not altered by the LED. Eco-friendly LEDs use minimal power and have a long life span. They’re rated for 50,000 hours of usage (an average of 12 yrs.) depending on timer settings. LEDs emit little to no heat and have a conformal coating for water resistance and durability.

Smart App Enabled: Just plug it in, connect to the app, and customize settings. Includes light on/off settings ranging from 8-16hrs with brightness intensity control. A tranquil 4 ½ minute fade in and fade out mimics dawn and dusk. 

Planter: Features a planter for direct planting along with integrated hanging hardware for wall mounting. Interior is sized to hold 4” potted plants.